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Perfect Hash Browns Every Time



  • First, you need to pick the softest potato you can find. Peel the skin and shred it. Make sure use the biggest hole in your shredder.
  • Wash the potato in cold water to get rid of the excess starch
  • Squeeze the potato with cheesecloth. Make sure you get the last drop of water out.
  • Add some salt to taste. I used 1.5 tsp. Let it sit for 5 minutes.
  • 5 minutes later, squeeze the potato again. This is my ultimate trick. Squeeze the potato twice - Once before the salt, once after the seasoning. This is going to help you get more moisture out of it which is going to make sure you get a nice crispy hash brown. That liquid is what makes your hash brown wet and soggy.
  • After the second squeeze, if you want to be fancy, you can add shallot, herbs or anything you like. I am just going to keep my hash brown simple so I will add some black pepper. Mix it until the black pepper is well combined. Now we can start cooking it.
  • Get your biggest frying pan possible. I like to cook my hash brown in one big batch. Add some oil, enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Wait until the pan gets hot. Then put your potatoes in. You should be able to hear the nice sizzling. Use a spoon to tightly pack it down and shape it nicely. Them cover the lid and let it cook for 12 minutes on medium-low heat. The reason you put the lid on is that the top get cooked faster. 12 minutes later, you see the side of it is slightly golden. That means you can flip it over. Cook the other side for 12 minutes as well. Use the spoon to pack it tight. This time, do not put the lid on or else you will ruin the crunchiness. 12 minutes later, give it a little peek to check the color. And you are done.