Spicy and Numbing Hot Pot

Chinese hot pot is great for friends and family. Everyone can pick or bring their favorite ingredients. You can really tuck in and enjoy the time with them. That is something deep inside our culture. In my last video, I show you how to make a spicy hot pot base and today we are going to use it to make a classic Chong Qing spicy numbing hot pot.

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Spicy and Numbing Hot Pot Recipe


Ingredients for the Side:

  • Beef slices [肥牛片]
  • lamb slices [肥羊片]
  • marinated pork [调味猪肉片]
  • Fish slices [生鱼片]
  • Peeled shrimp [鲜虾]
  • squid [鱿鱼]
  • beef balls [牛肉丸]
  • pork balls [猪肉丸]
  • fried tofu [油豆腐]
  • Japanese tofu [日本豆腐]
  • shiitake mushroom [香菇]
  • needle mushroom [金针菇]
  • Oyster mushroom [平菇]
  • Baby Chinese cabbage [娃娃菜]
  • Spinach [菠菜]
  • lettuce [生菜]
  • lettuce stem [莴笋]
  • taro [芋头]
  • lotus root [藕片]
  • Mung bean noodles [绿豆粉丝] [Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2Eg2FS5%5D

Ingredients for the Soup Base:

  • 2 cups of homemade soup base [自制火锅底料]
  • 8 cups of chicken stock [鸡肉高汤]
  • 1.5 cups of hot dried chilies [干红辣椒]
  • 1/4 cups of Sichuan peppercorn [花椒]
  • Few stalks of big scallion [大葱]
  • Few pieces of spring onion [小葱]


  • Hotpot is very easy and flexible. Just prepare the sides that you want to eat with the hot pot. Then make the hot pot soup.
  • Put the soup base into the pot then fill it with chicken stock. Bring the pot to a boil. Add the dried hot chilies, Sichuan peppercorn, big scallion stalk for extra flavor and also for the presentation.
  • Before we started eating, add some salt and taste it to adjust the broth because every hot pot soup base contains different amount of sodium.
  • You also want to have some extra stock on the side because as the time goes by, the liquid will evaporate and you will have to add more broth to the pot.
  • Add few pieces of spring onion at the end. Now you can bring this pot out and serve.



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