Flat Bottom Wok (Wok)

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Gorgeous Hammer Pattern

Beautiful Hammered Mark Pattern Carbon Steel Wok

Flat Bottom

Works with induction, electric and gas stove tops. No wok ring or other accessories needed!


Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is the trusted material of choice for wok users around the world! Cast iron woks are heavy and have a possibility of cracking. Stainless steel cannot be seasoned to be “non-stick”.


Accessories Included

A wooden lid and a stainless steel spatula are included with your purchase. In addition, a link to a clear video guide to learn how to season and care for you wok will be in your product package.

Tested. By cooks and scientists.

No non-stick or toxic coatings!

Both the carbon steel wok and the stainless steel spatula have been reviewed by the appropriate agencies and have been deemed safe according to the FDA’s “GRAS” requirements. Other products inside the package have gone under their required testing under applicable international laws.

Strong Carbon Steel

Strong Carbon Steel Wok

17 Gauge Carbon Steel

Our carbon steel is designed to be strong, but lightweight. Giving you the all the benefits of cast iron and stainless steel woks, but none of the downsides.

Gorgeous Hammered Pattern

It’s not just strong, but beautiful. The printed hammer marks look amazing as it changes colors over time due to the ongoing seasoning process as you cook your favorite dishes.

2 Year Warranty

Problems with your purchase that are not due to improper use? We’ve got you covered. Every purchase comes with a 2 year limited warranty. No forms to sign, just save your purchase information and it will be taken care of.

Limited Time Offer...

Wok Lid and Wok Spatula Included

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Product Weight:

3.2 pounds

Wok Diameter:

12.5 inches / 32 centimeters

Items Included:

(1) Carbon Steel Wok
(1) Stainless Steel Spatula
(1) Fir Wood Lid
(1) User Guide

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