Chinese Nougat

Nougat candy is one of my favorite snack. In Chinese it is called “Niu Zha Tang牛轧糖”. It is so sweet, creamy, nutty, a bit gooey, crunchy. It is like you got all the good stuff in there. I think it is the best party snack. You just spend a little bit time to mix everything together and it is ready to serve. It just too easy not to try it.

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Nougat Candy



  • - In a non-stick pan, add in 45 grams of butter. Slowly melt it on medium-low heat. Make sure you use a nonstick pan or else you will end up with a disaster.
  • - Once the butter is melt, add in 180 grams of mush mellow. Use mini mush mellows. don’t use the big ones because it is harder to melt them evenly. Continue to stir it on medium-low heat.
  • - Once all the marshmallows is melted, add in 50 grams of full milk powder. Keep stirring it until well combined.
  • - Turn off the heat but not removing the pan off the stove because we need the rest of the heat. Add some mini crackers, some mixed nuts, they are a bit salty and very crunchy. Also, I love to put raisins in niu zha tang.
  • - Quickly stir them until all the ingredients are coated with the melted mush mellow. Take it out and add it to a rectangle shape container. I am using a toast mold. I also put parchment paper on the bottom so it will be easier to take out later. Press it down with your spatula to form it flat. The amount I gave is enough to fill up a 4.5 * 10 inches toast mold.
  • - Pop this in the fridge until it is cool down. Cut it into the size you like. Dust some milk powder to prevent stickiness. Find a nice plate to serve them. You can store this in a clean container. It can stay good for a month in the fridge.



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